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Johnny Mandolin was born in an East Coast Italian neighborhood, and grew up listening to all the wonderful classic Italian songs from birth. At six years old, he picked up a mandolin and learned to play. Times were tough back then, and many people tried to influence the youth of the neighborhood as they struggled in their daily existence. Johnny Mandolin was no exception.

Being 100% Italian-American, from an Italian neighborhood, there were many who tried to influence him to take the “easy way”, join the wrong people and do the wrong thing. But he believed in the true old ways and making his money honestly, so he picked up a mandolin instead. He went on to play throughout the Italian neighborhood, and later with his recordings, in many Italian neighborhoods across the USA. Now he is nationally known for his mandolin and his music. His instrumental CDs appear in countless TV and film soundtracks. His Italian and jazz CDs are often heard in Italian restaurants and cafés as well. This CD was recorded live in studio.

Johnny Mandolin a favorite of those who live in Little Italy, and in Italian households all over the US. He can be seen performing often in Little Italy NY at E. Rossi’s & Company’s store in Little Italy, NY, Florio’s Restaurant in Little Italy, and Arturo’s Coal Oven Pizza Restaurant in the West Village, NYC, on TV and radio, and many other places, playing his mandolin and playing best-loved classic Italian songs, as well as jazz standards. He is also an accomplished jazz guitar player and has several jazz guitar CDs available. Johnny Mandolin is a frequent guest-speaker, actor, and spokesman.

Johnny Mandolin, AKA John Anello Jr. Esq, is President of Cexton Records, holds a Juris Doctor in Law with emphasis on Intellectual Property for Entertainment, and can be viewed at

For high-quality live music on CD, you can always count on Cexton Records

Cexton Records recording artist and producer, John Anello Jr, a.k.a. "Johnny Mandolin" plays the Italian favorites on his mandolin, and can be heard on his CD, "Johnny Mandolin" "The Complete italian Soundtrack for your Life". John also plays jazz guitar solo and with his band, and has recorded several jazz CDs.

John is also an actor and member of GIAA, the Guild of Italian American Actors.

John is an award-winning audio and video producer, has produced over 75 CDs, has a special award from the Grammy Association, ASCAP, and has a TELLY AWARD for video production.

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New from Cexton Records

The new CD by Johnny Mandolin

"8-String Swing"Johnny Mandolin 8-String Swing

"How High The Moon"

From the CD "8-String Swing"
Cexton Records

"Well You Needn't"

From the CD "8-String Swing"
Cexton Records

Johnny Mandolin La Voce Mia

"La Voce Mia"

Mandolin and Orchestra


From the CD "La Voce Mia"
Cexton Records

"Minor Swing"

From the CD "La Voce Mia"
Cexton Records

"Come Live With Me"
"The God Father"

From the CD "La Voce Mia"
Cexton Records

Johnny Mandolin The Complete Italian Soundtrack For Your Life

"The Complete Italian Soundtrack for your Life"

Available from E. Rossi & Co. in Little Italy,

Get both CDs at:

E. Rossi & Co.193 Grand St / New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-9254

Or from Cexton Records.

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Recent Performances:



Johnny Mandolin Concert

Johnny opens the 92nd San Gennaro Feast in Little Italy NYC- 9/13/2018


Johnny Mandolin at San Gennaro Feast

Cexton Records recording artist Johnny Mandolin will opens the San Gennaro Feast on Thursday Sept 13th 5 PM EST on the Big Stage on Grand & Mott Street, playing Italian favorites on mandolin from his CD "La Voce Mia" and some jazz favorite from his new CD"8-String Swing"


Columbus Day Breakfast

Sponsored by the Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America, Inc.


Johnny Mandolin with Joey Reynolds on the
Joey Reynolds Radio Show WOR Radio NY

Occasional Tuesday Nights-Midnight

Listen for Johnny Mandolin on the air LIVE on the JOEY REYNOLDS SHOW.

Johnny Mandolin recently performed on a float in the parade to celebrate the 200 year anniversary of Old St. Patrick's Cathedral in Little Italy, NY.

On November 18th, Johnny Mandolin performed live for Councilman Alan Gerson on the dedication of the Mulberry St Library in Little Italy. The event was very well attended, and several were honored and Proclamations were presented by Councilman Gerson. Johnny Mandolin played many Italian favorite songs.

Johnny Mandolin performed at The Generoso Pope Foundation

Tuckahoe, NY 10707
At the Triangle Fire Memorial Dedication
Washington Square, NYC

FREE Performances selective nights at E. Rossi and Company, 193 Grand Street Little Italy NY.

Recent Concert Performance

with DJ John Lombardi

Johnny performed on April 25th at

Galitos Restaurant
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Featuring songs from his new CD

Johnny Mandolin
"The Complete Italian Soundtrack for your Life"

Special Thanks to:

  • Joe Causi
  • CBS Radio 101 FM
  • Johnny Mandolin was a guest on Joe's CBS live radio show and also with Joe, CHA CHA and the gang on the WISEGUYS Radio show on Sirius Radio.

Listen to the Johnny Mandolin Radio Show
Monday at 8 PM EST on the City World Radio Network